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A bookish badass is who I am and who I want to be – a strong athlete with a strong intellect.

A bookish badass is built for endurance. She focuses on mile markers and sets goals that aren’t finish lines. She approaches each day with patience and discipline. She knows her limits and makes time for recovery. She swims her own race and trains in her own lane.

A bookish badass has run on plenty of trails, but she knows well-worn paths don’t always exist. She doesn’t need approval or permission. She stays true to herself and her inner ambition, defeating self-doubt and leading her own way.

A bookish badass never stops learning. She listens to and learns from herself. She listens to and learns from others. She reads a lot, and she writes every day.

A bookish badass loves the mountains and the ocean – places of movement and freedom. She runs. She swims. She sweats. But even if you took it all away – every mile, meter, and moment – a bookish badass would remain.

A bookish badass is who I am and who I want to be.