This book came out of nowhere, and it’s not like anything I’ve read before.

I just heard about The Governesses about a week ago when I listened to a recent podcast episode from What Should I Read Next? (episode #219) Mel from a Strong Sense of Place recommended this book, a French translation of Anne Serre’s book because it has a strong sense of place. She also described it as a “naughty fairytale.”

About the Book

Three young governesses – Eléonore, Inès, and Laura – live on a fenced-in estate. There is not much of a strong storyline or plot, but the focus is on how these Siren-like women lure strangers onto the grounds of the estate.

The Governesses

Notes and Reflections

  • It’s a small little book, about 100 pages, with a writing style that’s a little too fancy for my taste.
  • The storyline that is there is sensual and bewitching, but strange.
  • I’ve never read anything like this before, and it was good to mix things up.
  • Other readers have called this book a fable, but I’m not sure what it all means. If there is a hidden meaning or lesson, it got past me. Maybe something was lost in the translation. Or I’m still stuck in the fuzzy haze of this book.

Started: 2.22.2020
Finished: 2.23.2020