When I posted a pic of Orion with Tweet Cute on Instagram the other day, I called this book a “fluffy” read. And I almost didn’t create a Book Notes post for it. It didn’t seem necessary. Did this book teach me anything? Not really. Was it high-octane brain food? No. Did I feel a little sheepish reading a YA book about a teen romance? Yes.

But the truth is, after reading Us Against You and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I was ready for something light and … cute. And that was before COVID-19 social distancing, full-time work from home status, and the uncertainty level went to 11. I read this book because I needed a break from reality in the form of something light and cute and fluffy.

Tweet Cute

About the Book

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is about two teenagers who wage a Twitter war while each championing their family businesses. There is Pepper – swim team captain, go-getter, and amazing baker. And then there is Jack – member of the dive team and down-to-earth guy you’d like to date. Their relationship develops in New York City over grilled cheese, social media, and an app the high school has banned its students from using. Swimming, food, and technology? I couldn’t resist.


  • I read something recently about how your reading experience is made up of two things. One, the book. Obviously. And two, your experiences. The way I approach a book will be completely different than yours because we bring different experiences to the pages. At the same time, I could read the same book every year for the next twenty years, and it will be a different experience for me every time. Like all experiences, we get out of it what we put into it. And if I had picked up Tweet Cute six months ago, it probably wouldn’t have checked the cute, light, fun box as much as it did this week.
  • I don’t believe in reading books because I think I should be reading them. I believe in reading what I want to read – whatever feels right at the time. That’s what reading like a badass is all about. I don’t want to feel like I should be reading something else or that I’m wasting my time on “fluff.” The purpose of this book wasn’t educational, personal development, or self-improvement. It was pure entertainment, distraction, and fun.

Favorite Quotes (Emma Lord)

“The issue isn’t so much what I want to be, but whether or not I can be it without hurting everyone else in the process.”

Started: 3.09.2020
Finished: 3.21.2020